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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It's been a hectic month, what with the Christmas season in full swing and activities in the school also going at full steam ahead. At the same time, at home, my daughters' exams were held on the last week before the break, so helping them prepare for the tests was a bit of a trying task for my wife and me (although, truth be said, more for my wife than myself).

The political storms continue to rage, over the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), over the supposed "flip-flopping" of the Supreme Court, over our leaders' apparent sense of entitlement to privileges they may or may not deserve, over the Aquino administration's apparent bungling of the disaster management of those affected by the recent calamities, and so forth.

Still, there are things to be happy about, or, at the very least, be inspired by. The people's response to the tragic effects of the Bohol earthquake and typhoon "Yolanda" have been nothing short of awesome, far dwarfing the petty politics that seems to have hamstrung our leaders. People from all walks of life have given what they can to help those whose lives were torn asunder by the strength of "Yolanda", and rehabilitation efforts continue. As long as there is a need, we Filipinos are willing to pitch in and help out.

On a personal note, this year, I celebrated my 25th anniversary of my graduation from the Ateneo High School, so I attended the grand alumni homecoming last December 7. It was nice to see old classmates, and remember the old times and memories. Some of our former teachers were there, and it was wonderful to touch base and get updated.

In school, the community toned down its Christmas celebrations in sympathy with those whose Christmas may not be as joyous, but the celebrations were no less enjoyable, as students, teachers, parents, and staff all contributed to making the Christmas season as fun-filled and joyous as possible.

It is the simple things that remind us that, no matter how bleak life may seem, there is always a bright light peeping through, and, as long as we continue to have hope, and faith, nothing will ever be too dark.

A most Merry Christmas to everyone. May your season's celebrations be joy-filled and peaceful.

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