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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Consumer Watch: Erroneous Math Ad, Revisited

It looks like those behind the Enfakid ad took the criticism against its erroneous equation seriously.

Last Friday and today, two Enfakid ads were released. Last Friday, on the back of the first section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was the ad with the erroneous equation, but this time, the answer of "14" was crossed out with a yellow crayon, corrected with a "5", and it included the inscription "Dad, I win."

It appears that publishing that correction was not enough, or maybe people were wondering why the correction was needed, because on pages E-2 and 3 of today's Inquirer edition, a more detailed solution to the equation was published, still in the same yellow crayon marking.

It's nice to see that the company takes its product seriously, that it would spring for the money to pay for two full-color ads in order to correct a mistake.

Of course, if whoever was in charge of the first ad did his or her job right, the corrections would be totally unnecessary, and would've saved the company a lot of money.

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