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Monday, November 06, 2006

Postnote to Pedrosa Article

In her column yesterday, Carmen Pedrosa wrote the following sentences: "Classic tenets of journalism call for objectivity and neutrality. These are antiquated principles no longer universally observed. If we are ever to create meaningful change, advocacy journalism will be the single most crucial element to enable the necessary organizing."

Apparently, originality is also something that is antiquated, as Mrs. Pedrosa apparently lifted the whole thing almost verbatim from either of two sources, without giving credit to either source: the Wikipedia entry on advocacy journalism, which quotes from a 2004 article by Dave Berman, "Advocacy Journalism, The Least You Can Do, and The No Confidence Movement." found in the Independent Media Center.

Plagiarism for a columnist, I think, cannot be excused, considering the wide readership they command. How can she rail about the lack of integrity that she perceives in the Supreme Court for trashing the Sigaw ng Bayan petition, when she herself doesn't practice integrity in her writing, in this case, giving credit where credit is due?

Note: the article is no longer online, thanks to the Philippine Star's wonderful lack of archives. The full text is, however, found here.

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