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Friday, September 15, 2006

Quick One

Yeah, I know. It's been about three weeks of only one or two posts per week. Maybe I'm just a tad burned out, what with the exams just ending and stuff. Pity, though, because looking at my dashboard, I'm 10 (now 9) posts away from 500. However, I'm not just going to come up with posts for the sake of reaching 500 (although this post does put me closer to it).

What's been happening:

1. In my fantasy baseball leagues, the Blue Eagles look poised to wrap up this season on the top of the heap, with timely good hitting and pitching coming from my various players. The Dojoboys, however, mired in sixth place because of poor pitching, and lack of power hitting (I should've gotten Frank Thomas sooner, but who've thunk he'd revitalize himself in Oakland? Not many.), will be lucky to make it to fourth place; they're in fifth now, a half-point between them and sixth place.

2. We're preparing to file Gabby's application to a big, traditional school, so it's a bit of a flurry, gathering documents, and, at the same time, prepping her for the exam or interview. Here's hoping that she makes it in.

3. Fleur de Lys' chorizo hamonado is a wonderful breakfast/snack meal, whether with a savory waffle or with the traditional silog (garlic fried rice and egg). It's meaty and savory sweet. Yummy.

4. Monday next week is doomsday for some of my students, as their parents will be getting the report cards that day.

Maybe I'll find my second wind next week. Let's see.

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