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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Busy, Busy Saturday

Just a quick guerilla post before I get overwhelmed with stuff.

I came back from the VTES tournament, and, now, we're preparing for G's caroling over here at my parents' house. Later this evening, it'll be the Christmas party of H's barkada.

So far, it's been mostly peaceful, but it'll pick up later this afternoon once the caroling starts. It's a good thing that G won't be joining her classmates for the other houses; we'll be preparing for the party.

Yesterday, we spent our anniversary with H's sister at Italianni's Megamall, where we had the penne arrabiato, and since there were five of us (myself, H, G, D and G's nanny), we ordered the large serving of arrabiato. When it came, it had more sauce and was a little spicier than the smaller order, but we still enjoyed it. We also had the four-cheese pizza.

Unfortunately, G, who hadn't slept the entire day, slept all through dinner, and only woke up when we were leaving Italianni's. Of course, she wanted to go to her favorite hang-out in Megamall: the Playroom in the basement of building A. We dropped her off there, and H and D went to look for a dress for their mom, and I moved around Megamall, and played "House of the Dead 3" at the arcade (more on this in a later post), and did a little surfing after that.

Whoops! Gotta get back to making the chicken a la king. Maybe I'll continue this later or tomorrow.

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