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Friday, December 16, 2005

AMAKANA Aftermath

I still haven't slept since 3 am this morning, because I haven't gotten home yet. Oog.

The Pista Karera was loads of fun for the boys, although there was one slight hitch. No one could get up the palo sebo pole by himself; the race pretty much boiled down to whichever team could hoist their team member up the pole fast enough. This was because we changed the rules such that if a team member couldn't get up within a given amount of time (in this case, 4 minutes), the others could help him up after. This made all of the other stations moot and academic; it didn't matter how fast a class went through the first stations, because they'd all fall flat at the palo sebo. Maybe next time we have the Pista Karera, the height of the flag could be lowered a tad; some players almost reached the flag by taking a running start and yanking themselves up the pole.

My skin is now a bright red color, as I was both emcee, timer and marshall in the high school football field, where the sun would appear intermittently with the rain to alternately soak us, and then bake us. But it was mostly baking for us, as the rain was really just a very light shower. Still, my skin color is nothing compared to the roasting I got on immersion in UPSCA; can you say char-broiled? But that's another story.

I had a lot of fun barking out the instructions, and exhorting the students to complete their tasks. Since I didn't have anything to do during the first year races (I didn't actually volunteer to do the first year, just the other year levels), I assisted the emcee in his tasks, keeping him company and hamming it up with him.

Ani Mo, Ani Ko, Alay ng Ateneo came to a resounding end a while ago, and I'll look forward to next next year, when I'll be able to see whether anybody will be able to shimmy up the palo sebo.

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