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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Episode III"

Well, it wasn't as bad as I initially feared it to be.

H and I caught "Episode III" at Gateway, and we weren't disappointed. The movie was a relatively successful concluding bridge to the initial trilogy. A good number of threads were tied up, and the result was breathtaking.

I particularly enjoyed the action scenes, which were jampacked, as they should be. I also liked the chilling transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader.

Of course, the dialogue, particularly between Padme and Anakin, was a bit cheesy. While George Lucas is very good at creating the effects and the mood, he probably should've gotten some help in writing the dialogue.

Still, it completes a 30-year journey into a world so much like, and unlike ours. Getting to the end was worth it.

Random Musings:

- One thing that distracted us from enjoying the movie were two girls to our left, who were talking loudly, and worse, keeping their cell phones noisy. I had to resist the urge to grab the phone and hurl it, especially after the third time it went off. Don't people have any basic knowledge of etiquette? Apparently not these two.

- I agree with T on what she wrote in her blog. There is simply no way that "Episode III" merits a GP. I wonder what drug the reviewers were on while they watched the preview, because, from where I stand, the movie was definitely a PG-13. Beside us was a family, with a little girl about G's age, and I could see her cringing during some of the movie's darker moments. Yep, definitely not GP.

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