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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Catching Up on Movies

Over the past few weeks, I was able to catch several movies I wasn't able to view on the big screen, courtesy of cable.

"The Emperor's Club"

I'd wanted to watch this in the theater, but didn't have the time. I wasn't disappointed, as the movie joins my personal favorites of teacher movies ("Dead Poets Society," "Mr. Holland's Opus," and "Stand and Deliver"). One of the differences is that the teacher isn't successful in transforming the student on whom he focused. Still, the movie reminds me as a teacher that not everyone will get the message, not everyone will be touched by the message. The important point is not to dwell on them, cut your losses, and think of those who were touched. As Kevin Kline's character in the movie said, "The worth of a life is not determined by a single failure or a solitary success."

Kevin Kline, always the consumate actor, is brilliant as Mr. Hundert, the Roman/Greek history teacher. I think one of the reasons I like him is that I teach Julius Caesar, and it helps me appreciate what he does a little better.


Also a victim of "no time," I really wanted to watch this film, being a Vampire player and all. While the effects and build-up were okay, I found the ending disappointing. Still, vampires vs. werewolves (Lycans) made for an interesting story. It was interesting how similar the movie details were to the game itself, and helps me visualize the game a little better.

"The Jungle Book 2"

Sequels to the original Disney movies often fall short of their predecessors. Perhaps the sequel makers didn't put as much effort and love into the movie.

"The Jungle Book 2" is not an exception to this, but it doesn't fall by much. The characters are still entertaining, although some, like Kaa, seem to be dropped into the movie just for the sake of including him.

It was rather uneven, although I liked how Baloo finally let Mowgli go (sort of), to provide some closure to the original movie.

I also liked how the voice cast, such as John Goodman as Baloo, Haley Joel Osment as Mowgli, and Jim Cummings as Kaa.

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