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Friday, October 01, 2004

Reading of Honors

Yesterday was the Reading of Honors at the high school, and I was amazed at who the admi had invited to be guest speaker. My old classmate, and class brain, Luis Sarmenta! Oh, that's Dr. Luis Sarmenta to you folk. He's come a long way from the time he was the youngest in our class. His talk reminded me of stuff I'd packed away in the back of my mind:

- Like how he, at 18, wrote one of the first anti-virus programs here in the Philippines, Vir-X. And he did it as in his spare time, as a hobby.

- Like how our old principal, and class moderator, the late Fr. Joe Cruz, SJ, would remind us students during every reading of honors to "fire our afterburners."

It was a pity that the ceremony had gone over long, so I'm certain a good number of the students missed some of the key points in Luis' talk.

Seems only yesterday that we were classmates, but I guess that's how we tend to feel about the past.

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