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Monday, October 04, 2004

98% per cent sure?

When I was in the US in ’99, I enjoyed watching TV for the colorful and entertaining ads. One of these ads featured two of my favorite baseball players, George Brett and Robin Yount, who would both be entering the Hall of Fame that year.

Here’s a rough transcript of the ad:

George: Hi, I’m George Brett.

Robin: And I’m Robin Yount.

George: This summer, both of us are going to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. And, Robin, no one’s going to care that I got 98% of the vote, and you only got 77%.

Robin: Yeah, George, and no one’s going to care that I had more MVPs that you had.

George: But, we both can agree on the great taste of Miller Lite, because of the expert brewing process.

Robin: I thought it was because of the choice hops they use.

George: Are you 98% sure of that, Robin? Or just 77% sure?

(voice over of announcer talking about Miller Lite. Back to the two. Both are smiling.)

Robin: Those MVP Awards are killing you, aren’t they?

George: Oh, yeah.

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